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The Best of Both Worlds in New Construction: Columbus Condos

In addition to single-family dwellings and lite commercial properties, new construction in Columbus includes condos, which consist of a building or complex with units that residents own, rather than rent. Columbus condos are an economical option for urban dwellers who want to enjoy the best of both upscale leasing and home ownership.

The perks of individually owned units by condo builders in Columbus, Ohio, instead of rentals include:

    • You can customize your home as you please at any time.
    • Enjoy amenities the condominium provides, such as gated security, pools, outdoor space, gyms, dog parks as well as a community of like-minded neighbors.
    • Experience urban living without sacrificing quality of lifestyle. Often many restaurants, activities and parks are within walking distance.
    • Maximize your home budget with the affordability of a new condominium versus a new or even older full-sized home on a landscaped lot. You’ll get more house for the dollar.
    • Appreciation and resale values. According to Zillow real estate company, average condo market value has risen 42% between May 2010 and May 2020.

Interested in Buying or Building Condos?

Mulberry condo builders in Columbus, Ohio builds with the most-loved features in mind. With modern amenities and environmentally friendly features, owners can help save the world and their pocketbooks at the same time.

Check out some of our new build condos for sale in Columbus, Ohio’s most popular neighborhoods. For Columbus condos, look no further than local Mulberry Design + Build, a boutique design and development firm with over 15 years of experience in urban infill and customized residential development.